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​​BC Assessment produces a variety of publications to help explain the property assessment process. These include fact sheets on a wide range of assessment topics and legislatively required documents to report on planning and performance. 

The forms and questionnaires below open in a secured window. Upon submitting the completed form, another "pop up window" will confirm that BC Assessment received your submission. You will also receive an email from BC Assessment with the information you submitted. When you are finished, simply close the window.


This Notice of Complaint (Appeal) form is no longer available, as the deadline to file an appeal to the Property Assessment Review Panel was January 31, 2019. The deadline has now passed.

Withdrawal of Notice of Complaint (Appeal) Form

This form can be used to withdraw your Notice of Complaint (Appeal). Please note: 2019 appeal withdrawals from the Property Assessment Review Panel are only accepted until March 15, 2019. Some First Nations appeal tribunals may allow for withdrawals beyond March 15; please confirm with your local assessment office whether that is the case.

Address change

Change of Address Form
This online form (or printable version) can be used to update BC Assessment of any changes to your mailing address. Before filling out this form, please have your property assessment or assessment roll number with you to assist you through this process. If you have any issues filling out this form, please contact BC Assessment.

Bulk Mail Code Address Change Form
This online form is to be used where the owner and mailing address is identical for five or more properties throughout the province has a bulk mail code, and the owner is requesting a change to the mailing address.

Information access and privacy

Authorization to Receive Confidential Property Information
This form is to be completed and signed by the property owner (or authorized signatory) before BC Assessment may release confidential property information to a person who is acting on the property owner’s behalf. This form is not required for residential properties that accommodate fewer than three families (in such cases, the owner simply has to provide written authority to release confidential information). For additional information on this form, please refer to the Authorization to Receive Confidential Information Page. 

Please Note:  As Property Value Summary (PVS) Reports do not contain confidential property information, an Authorization to Receive Confidential Property Information Form is not required when acting on behalf of the owner(s).  For additional information on PVS reports, please refer to the Request a property value summary report page.

Income requests

Income Request Form - Apartment
This form is for apartment complex owners and/or their agents who received the Income Request Form in the mail.

Income Request Form – Retail/Industrial/Office
This form is for commercial property owners and/or their agents who received the Income Request Form in the mail.

Residential property data validation 

Residential Questionnaires
Contains links to Residential questionnaires for residential property types (Residential (House), Strata, Manufactured Home, Recreational Home, Rural Residential). Completion is only required if requested by an appraiser, or a mail-out request was received. Convenient electronic submission option. Also includes the Property Data Verification Form as well as a Data Validation Form which can be used to report errors in Assessment Search.

Strata Accommodation Property Classification Forms
These are electronic versions of forms sent to property managers/owners regarding the classification of short-term rental strata properties.

Assessment relief

Section 19(8) Application Form
Form to be used by owner and occupier of eligible Residential Property for Assessment to be based on Residential use. For more information regarding Section 19(8) eligibility, please refer to  Section 19(8) of Assessment Act – Special assessments for certain long term residents.

General Application and Notice of Commitment – For Eligible Major Industry Property Status under Section 20(8) of the Assessment Act
Form to be used by Owner or Authorized Representative to apply/commit to the requirements of section 20 (8-12) of the Assessment Act to maintain existing use/production levels of the property, to ensure the market value of the land reflects a Major Industrial use.

Farm Forms

  • General Application for Farm Classification (printer friendly version) This form is to be used to apply to have land classified as farm because it is used for a qualifying agricultural purpose.

  • General Application for Farm Classification – PDF “fillable” form fields with automatic calculations. Please note that you will still need to print the completed form for signature, then submit by mail, fax or scan and email as an attachment. To download the current version of Adobe Reader, click here.

  • Farm Classification Lease Form – PDF form can be used to submit current lease information to BC Assessment.

  • Retired Farmer’s Dwelling Land Application  This form is to be used to apply to have the land associated with your dwelling classified as farm when you have personally retired from farming but your land is still being used for a qualifying agricultural purpose.


EFT Application Form

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