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Frequently Asked Questions About epost™

Frequently Asked Questions About epost™

Yes. If you have access to the Internet, you can receive your Assessment Notice via epost™, a web-based service that delivers the mail online for Canada Post. Sign up is free and only takes a few minutes. If you want to receive your Assessment Notice electronically, you must subscribe by December 1. Please visit the epost™ web site at and follow the directions posted there.​​

No. You may choose only one delivery method.

"Bulk mail" refers to notices where the owner and mailing address is identical for five or more properties throughout the province. We create and apply a 4-digit alphanumeric bulk mail code for these properties. When the Completed Rolls and Notices are produced each December, we bundle, ship or distribute the bulk mail notices in one package rather than many individual envelopes. This saves costs on mailing/distribution costs and labour.​
Contact your local assessment office at their local or 1-800 number printed in the return address box on one of your five or more assessment notices. They will initiate a bulk mail code request on your behalf

If you are an individual property owner, you have a 10-digit PIN number printed in the Office Use Box in the top right hand corner of your latest Assessment Notice (the PIN consists of numbers only, no alpha characters). It prints immediately following "PIN:". If you are a bulk mail client, you have a 4-digit PIN number printed in the same place and manner as for an individual.

Contact us by clicking on the PIN Request Form link. Complete the indicated information and then submit the request. Generally if you include a daytime phone number, we will provide you with your PIN number by phone within a few days (as long as the Land Title and Survey Authority transaction updating our records has been completed). If we cannot contact you by phone, we will send the PIN number to you via ground/air mail.

When we first offered electronic Assessment Notices in 2001, every combination of name/mailing address sets appearing on our database at that time was assigned a unique PIN number. If more than one occurrence of a name/mailing address set occurred, the same PIN number was assigned to both or multiple name/address sets. Since 2001, each time a new individual, couple or company purchases a property, that individual or company is assigned a new PIN number. The exception is if that individual, couple or company previously owned property. In that instance, their existing PIN number is applied.


Yes. Once the change has been officially registered at the Land Title and Survey Authority (or in the case of a company, at the Registrar of Companies), contact us by clicking on the PIN Request Form sidebar and completing the indicated information, then submitting the request. If you include a daytime phone number, we will try to provide you with your PIN number by phone within a few days. If we cannot contact you by phone, we will send the PIN number to you via ground/air mail. Note: If you are a previous epost™ client and wish to continue receiving assessment notices via epost™, you will need to reapply using your new PIN number.

epost™ only accepts Canadian and US mailing addresses in its sign-up application process. Key in the mailing address of your British Columbia property in this instance on the application screen. However, ensure that you still key in your correct and full mailing address on the "adding BCA as a mailer" screen.

Ensure that you key your name(s) and mailing address exactly as it/they appear(s) on your latest Assessment Notice. epost™ only "pre-populates" the BC Assessment screen with your name, first line of mailing address and postal code from your initial epost™ sign-up application screen.

If you applied using your second name, or a shortened version of your given name, that name results in a mismatch on your BC Assessment application and could cause your application for electronic Assessment Notices to be rejected. If you apply using a different mailing address than that appearing on our latest files, we must contact you to authenticate that in fact you are the same person or company that lived at the previous address. Therefore we require a daytime phone number where you can be reached for verification.

If you wish to change your mailing address, please either phone or send an email to the affected assessment office using the email ID printed on your Assessment Notice in the Return Address Box and quote your assessment roll number (also displayed in the same Return Address Box immediately below the address). Please key your daytime phone number to the BC Assessment application screen as it is not automatically pre-populated from your initial epost™ sign-up application information.

Log on to your epost account and delete the BC Assessment mailer. Note that you must do this by December 1 in order for it to take effect for the next year.