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Media Kit

Media Kit

​​At BC Assessment, we value our relationships through engagement and open communication with the general public, the media, governments, and our many partners. We provide a variety of useful resources to assist with media coverage and external communications related to BC Assessment.

2021 Property Assessments Commentary 

- Soundbite Interview Clips

To assist news media outlets during the COVID-19 pandemic, BC Assessment is providing a series of downloadable interview/soundbite clips of BC Assessment Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao with commentary on various key topics related to the 2021 property assessments, as well some general B-roll footage that journalists may find helpful in crafting their media stories.

All media outlets have the full permission of BC Assessment to use any of these soundbite clips in the production of media stories about the 2021 property assessments. We welcome media to download any of these media clips, listed below by topic. Note that each clip is a very brief soundbite in downloadable mp4 file format and includes the following:

Topic 1: Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao Comment on general 2021 home assessment value changes

Topic 2: Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao Comment on Lower Mainland 2021 home assessment value changes

Topic 3: Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao Comment on 2021 home assessment value changes for other areas of BC

Topic 4: Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao Comment on 2021 commercial assessment value changes

Topic 5: Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao Comment on receiving your 2021 Assessment Notice

Topic 6: Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao Comment on Property Assessments and Property Taxes  

Topic 7: Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao Comment on the property assessments appeals process

Topic 8: General Additional B-ROLL for Media Use of Deputy Assessor Bryan Murao

Simply click on any of the above eight links to download MP4 copies. Here is how you can download a video.

Fast Facts

Governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the provincial government and managed by an Executive team, BC Assessment is a Crown corporation that creates uniform assessments and trusted property information. The province's annual property assessments are the foundation for providing more than $7 billion in revenue in support of local governments. This is crucial to financing the important community services that we rely on every day including schools, hospitals, emergency services, parks & recreation, libraries, infrastructure and roads.

BC Assessment by the numbers:

  • Total number of 2019 properties in B.C. is 2,067,479, an approximate 1% increase from 2018. 
  • Total value of all real estate on the 2019 Assessment Roll is $2.18 trillion, an increase of nearly 18% from 2018. 
  • Total amount of 2019 'non-market change', including new construction and development: approximately $31.68 billion, comparable with 2018.
  • Approximately 88% of all B.C. properties are classified with some residential
    (Class 1) component.
  • Highest assessed single residential property for 2019 is valued at $73.1 million, located in Vancouver.
  • Over 98% of property owners typically accept their property assessment without proceeding to a formal, independent review of their assessment.

BC Assessment key dates:

  • July 1 is the uniform date that actual (market) value of all properties is determined for the purpose of property assessments.
  • Annual assessments based on physical condition and permitted use (zoning) as of October 31.
  • Annual assessment notices are mailed to property owners on December 31, arriving early January.
  • January 31 is the deadline to file a formal appeal of annual property assessments.

Learn more about BC Assessment.

BC Assessment brochure

Our About BC Assessment brochure provides an overview of our mandate, products and services, assessment explanations and common myths, and key dates.


Access all of our Corporate Reports


For official use by the media, publications, conferences and external events, various versions and formats of BC Assessment official logo.

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BC Assessment videos

Our YouTube channel provides a variety of brief assessment videos available for use through social media sharing and for the media, online publications, conferences and external events.

These videos include such topics as:

How BC Assessment Assesses Properties

British Columbia Property Assessments by Region

What to do When You Receive Your Assessment Notice

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