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Update Your Property Information

Update Your Property Information

​​Accurate property data creates fair and equitable property assessments. Having the most up-to-date information on all properties throughout the province is essential to providing customers with high quality assessment services.

As a property owner in B.C., real estate is a major asset. Knowing that your property's assessed value is an accurate reflection of the actual value is key in making fully informed property related decisions.

Update Your Contact Information

  • Have you recently changed your mailing address?
  • Do you own properties other than your principal residence?

If so, please complete our Change of Address Notification form.

Property Value Changes

The value of your property may have changed if you have:

  • Renovated recently, for example have you replaced your kitchen cabinets
  • Added any new buildings to your property such as a garage or carport
  • Completed any additions to your home such as a new bedroom
  • Finished the basement, perhaps added a secondary suite

If you answer yes to any of these questions we encourage you to review your property data, using our online service – instructions are below.

Did you receive a request from BC Assessment to update your property information?

Each year an additional insert is included with the Assessment Notices for selected neighbourhoods which asks property owners to assist us in validating their property information. If you received a request with your assessment notice please follow the steps outlined below to use our ​online service to review and confirm or correct your property information. 

Step-by-step instructions to update, confirm or correct your Property Information

1. Visit  Assessment Search​.

2. Start typing in the address of the property you wish to review, then click on the correct one when it appears below the text box. 

Note:  If you wish to search by Roll Number click on the downward arrow to the right of Address and select Roll Number from the drop down menu.  Enter the Roll Number which can be found on your Assessment Notice as shown below


3. Hover over the downward arrow to the right of Are the Property Details Correct?  Click the appropriate link to:  

  • Yes, click here to confirm
  • No, click here to update

4. Complete the online form. Please note you will be required to enter a 10 digit CONFIDENTIAL PIN which can be found on your Assessment Notice as shown above.